Photographers 2016

Casting Call

Casting Call

Photographers 2016

Our 2016 casting call is open to both professionals and amateurs based in Belgium. It offers a chance to win 1 of 3 scholarships sponsored by Le vie delle Foto. The deadline to submit your proposal is March 31st 2016.

How to Partecipate

The proposed portfolio must have a minimum of 7 pictures to a maximum of 35. The photographer can choose topics and subjects project description explaining also your link with Belgium (minimum 200 words), must be submitted together with your portfolio. This project overview should be written on a letter-size sheet in Times New Roman font. There is no limit on the number of portfolios for each photographer.
Cost to submit 1 portfolio: 15.00 €.

Prize scholarship Overview

Le vie delle Foto will award the 3 best portfolios a scholarship to participate to Le vie delle Foto Trieste (Italy) in April 2016. Travel and accommodation for 3 days will be included. The winning portfolios will be presented at all official events joined by Le vie delle Foto and other international fairs. Submitted portfolios will have priority for exhibitions abroad (Lubjana, Bruxelles, Miami) and in Italy (Bologna, Florence, Turin), where there is a limited enrolment.

Benefits of Submission

Each portfolio will be included in the catalogue “Le vie delle Foto – 2016 Portfolios”. The catalogue will be published on line and sent for free by email to each participant. Hard copy will be also available. Furthermore, all photographers will receive a letter written by the director of Le vie delle Foto, with personal advice and comments about the portfolio, signed and autographed.


By submitting your photos, you will grant complete copyright exclusion to Le vie delle Foto Le vie delle Foto will use the pictures for exhibitions and other non-for-profit purposes. Le vie belle Foto will always mention the photographer each time his or her photo(s) are used or displayed.


Payment can be made by paypal, bank transfer and cash.


online Subscription
External link to who sent jobs via email:

Bank Transfer

Account held to “Linda Simeone”
IBAN IT09X0760103200000047905740

We ask you to include your first and last name, and the portfolio's name.

We answer your questions


Who can and should attend

For the past 5 years, Le vie delle Foto has been the key reference point for Italian photography and offers to all the national and international photographers the possibility to exhibit their works in prestigious locations all over Italy. We deeply believe that our event will boost the participants careers as it has already become a meeting point and place where it is possible to exchange experiences and learn from other expert photographers. The key to improve your own technique and gain experience in photography is to connect and exchange valuable information with people who speak your language and share your passion. This contest is open to every kind of photographer, professional or amateur, without restriction.

When will I receive feedback on the portfolios I submit?

Within ten days of the portfolio's subscription.

How to contact us

For any questions please write an email to .

We are a photographers collective and we want to participate together

You can participate but the names of the photographers will not be included. It will appear only the name of the club.

How to send the photoshow to send the photos

Email or use the form that you will find on the site.

Any questions?

Contact us

Mobile: (+39) 345 2911405

Scala Winckelmann 9,
34131 Trieste, Italy